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Thank you once again!


Our first ever Online Summit event is now over! 1 event3 days — More than 900 registered attendees — more than 600 daily attendees! This is impossible without you!

We are grateful for your participation and the insight shared by our speakers and roundtable experts at The Future of Performance Packaging Online Summit 2021.

Together, we have been able to spread the message that:

  • Uniting the value chain is important for a more sustainable future for Performance Packaging.
  • Not All Polymers Are Created Equal.
  • Performance Packaging is important for everyday life.
  • Performance packaging is recyclable for a circular economy and a sustainable future.

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I am impressed, by the number of professionals, the C&C was able to gather here and I am looking forward to the next event.

Dr. Oliver Pyrlik
Nordmann Gmbh

In particular during these challenging times for flexible packaging meeting with the entire value chain at C&C conferences is a great opportunity to exchange new knowledge and insights focussing on sustainability and environment but also technical feasibility.

Guido Aufdemkamp
Flexible Packaging Europe

The C&C conference is the Go-To event for the whole value-chain of the multi-layer packaging industry. They offer diverse insights, technical innovations, market trends and exclusive networking opportunities. I especially appreciate the dynamic style of presentations which keeps me attentive through-out the whole event.

Vladimir Pakhomov
Freshpack Solutions, Belarus

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Get informed and obtain the most up-to-date content about flexible multi-layer barrier packaging and the challenges of the circular economy.

Our interactive presentations are captivating and interesting!



Most unique event across the flexible barrier packaging industry, uniting all stakeholders in the value chain: from the suppliers of raw materials to brand owners and retailers.

Exclusive networking App with business contacts that can be explored before, during and after the conference.


Help to reduce
food waste

Demonstrate a moral responsibility and ethical commitment to food waste reduction. We can't do it alone!

Together, we can reduce food waste and greenhouse gas emissions to make our industry truly sustainable.

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